Retail MBA FREE Video Training #2: Getting Started With Selling to Chain Stores

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I have been learning a lot from your video Series

  • So glad to hear it!

So helpful and I am so fired up and ready for the next video!

  • Yay! Thanks for the feedback!

As always right on point great information!

  • Thanks Peter!!!

Seems very helpful. Thank you.

  • Yay! Happy to hear Jay :). Would love the opportunity to support you with retail!

great stuff! I like the information about honing in what demographic the store caters to.

  • Awesome Francis! Happy to support you.

Great video, really helpful. The part about theft-proof is very true. I once had a retail buyer complain to me that my ready-to-drink iced tea was not theft-proof. Huh? So how does Lipton or Coca-Cola theft-proof their drinks – answer: they don’t. Sometimes I think retail buyers look for excuses just to say no and not have to do the paperwork. But this video helps put me in the right headspace and gives permission to craft my email, pitch letter and phone calls to tell them yes, my products are in fact ready for prime-time in your store.

  • Thank you for the feedback Andrea!

I like it and it’s very informative .. excellent.

  • Thanks for the feedback Fatih!

I enjoyed your advice about getting my products in the stores. I mostly sell my clothing items online globally. But I want to come to USA and place my apparel in the brick & mortar locations. I have about 30 different pieces. I think I will follow your advice in getting my clothing line in the high end stores. Thank you!

  • Excellent! I hope I can work with you :).

Hi Karen, Thanks for the great inspirational information. Does your Retail MBA work internationally because I am from the United Kingdom.

  • I have many customers from the UK. Although my program is specifically for the US retail market.

Hi Karen, I wish you were my partner. Have you ever had a strategic partnership with a company? My products and your marketing knowledge would be great. I am a very good engineer and product developer but I have always needed a marketing partner as it is counter productive to try an do it all. I’m in Ventura, CA and will send you a video if you are curious. Your videos and presentation are VERY good, you are clear and obviously know your business. You come across as really interested in providing a good service and you know what people, especially start ups need. So much time is wasted trying to discover what you are describing here. Thanks

  • Thank you for your kind words. I do not do strategic partnerships with companies. However I do offer a done-for-you service here: I am primarily an education and coaching company focused on helping people get into retail chains!

again… the bible for future vendors!!!! it is clear, concise, inspirational… oh dear.. this is A MUST!!!

  • So sweet of you to say. Thanks Pedro! If you love this training, you will LOVE my full Retail MBA Training Program! It’s a 1000X time more extensive :)

Great information So valuable I’m very interested in learning this market approach and I’m grateful to have found your site. Thank you Karen

  • Thank you Attillio! I wish you the best :)

Excellent information…

  • Thank you for the feedback Marva! Would love to work with you :).

Hi Karen, thanks for taking the time to provide the videos. Your information are very helpful. Yes. I would love for you to help me. I really need someone like you helping me. What’s my next step?

  • Hi Mary! Please check out My training program, coaching or services I provide will help!

Thanks so much, I look forward to more of your information…

  • Thanks Daniel!!

Thanks, I enjoyed this very much…

Hi Karen, Awesome info, my biggest problem is that I have a full time business for the past 25 years and trying to juggle both, Thanks

  • Most of my clients have day jobs/ businesses/ families. You are not alone with trying to juggle everything :).

Thank you. Good common sense stuff.

  • Thanks Belinda!

Thank you for your information it has been very helpful and hope to start soon

  • Yay! Happy you liked Karl :). Thanks!

Hi karen it’s very nice and valuable. My question is
Does buyers looking for the product as new item in shelves or
Thinking for more profit according to price and other staff you offering to him
Thank you again

  • Hi Mutasim – there are many reasons why a buyer decides to purchase a product. It could be that it’s new, or that it is innovative OR it’s just because they believe that your product will sell well once in stores. There are many ways to get a buyer to believe that it will do that (including price). There is a workaround to every objective a buyer might have. My Retail MBA Training program explains this in detail!

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